Paper or Digital

The choice between digital communications and paper-and-ink publications
is, in our opinion, much more important to our culture at large than the more familiar choice “paper or plastic?” “Digital” in this context means the world wide web, the internet, and various forms of keyboard, audio, and video and touch-panel communications. Of course there are all sorts of digital contraptions in the consumer market–digital watches, clocks, and whatnot, but they are alternatives to analog devices, and not what we address here.

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Of Pellets and Magnets

Powerful magnets have powerful roles, so to speak, in processing plastics pellets.
Standard ferrous magnets, “rare-earth” magnets, and eddy-current metal separators all use magnetic technology to keep contaminants out of the polymer-melt stream.
Furthermore, magnetic technology is debuting in a new role, that of monitoring the moisture levels in material being dried before it gets to the process machine and is molded into defective parts.
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Listening for Success

A great deal of printed and digital advice is available for anyone seeking advice on how to attain success, financial or otherwise. I remember having acquired, somewhere along the line, a book titled Dress for Success, by Robert T. Molloy. From looking around me it appeared that more people (including me) bought the book than bought the advice. For me, it is far more important to listen to what people are saying, than to focus on what they are wearing.

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Data Codes Driving Business

There are big changes going on in the world of data handling, and it behooves all of us, as businesses and individuals, to become informed about what it going on. In short, the ubiquitous “one-dimensional” bar code is giving way to “two-dimensional bar codes,” also known as “QR codes” (for Quick Response) and even to “RFIDs,” namely, Radio Frequency Identifiers. We are not speculating that things might change. Businesses and other entities such as libraries are already well along in the transition.

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Does location matter?

Does location matter in the plastics industry?

Well, yes, location matters, but probably not as much as it used to.

The old saw about real estate, “location, location, and location,” might apply to buying and selling houses, but even there we think it’s not as true now as previously. The advent of wireless communications, notably cell phones and wireless computer networks, has made location moot for many purposes.

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Plastics responsibility: Decline, Re-use, Recycle, Rubbish

As one who lives and works in the plastics publishing business, and has done so for a long time, I accept a heightened responsibility to use plastics well and dispose of them responsibly when the time comes. What follows is my perspective and what I consider to be my personal responsibility. My formula, from beginning to end, is as constructive as I know how to make it. Let it be clear. I am not an anti-plastics crackpot.

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